Month: August 2014

A Dollar of Kindness for a Thousand Dollars in Student Loan Relief

A couple of hours ago I posted this on Facebook:

Someday when I am rich, I’m going to host a FB drawing. The winner will receive 100% student loan pay off. Can you imagine the relief that would give someone? It’s going to happen. Just you watch.

A few minutes later I was on my way to the store while my husband put our four year old son to bed and the thought hit me:

“Don’t wait until you’re ‘rich.’ You can help bring relief now (or at least sooner than ‘when I’m rich’)!”

When I hear that voice, I know better than to ignore it. So let’s cut to the chase:

I just put $50 in a new Paypal account to get the ball rolling (I wanted to put in $100, but I’m not even that rich yet and even $50 is a stretch, so $50 it is).

For every dollar you contribute, your name will be entered into the drawing one time (i.e. if you give $1, your name goes in one time; if you give $100, your name goes in one hundred times and so forth).  When we reach $1,000, we’ll do a drawing.  If your name is chosen, we’ll conference call into your student loan company and I’ll pay, on behalf of the group, $1000 toward your student loan. It’s that simple. (No, it’s not 100% loan payoff, but it is $1000 that results in reduced interest and a modicum of relief, right?).

A little bird is sitting on my shoulder right now (actually it’s my husband sitting next to me on the couch), chirping in my ear about the potential concerns over legal “stuff.”  For the time being I’m going to ignore the little bird (sorry, Love), because I am more concerned with doing something good in the name of exponential kindness than I am about someone suing me for the dollar she gave out of the goodness of her heart. Of course I want to go about this legally.  More than anything, I want to rally people together to give in the name of making someone’s day.

So there it is. I just setup a Give Forward campaign and a Paypal account (see below) specific to this project.  If you know me, you know you can trust me.  If you don’t know me and aren’t sure whether you can trust me, I encourage you to post your concerns in the comments section and allow those who do know and trust me to respond to your concerns. If you want to join in this fun little experiment, then follow the steps below. It’s as easy as one, two!

1) Click the Donate button* below and make your contribution.

*(If the Donate button does not appear on your screen, click the live link at the bottom of the page)

2) Post “I’m in” (at minimum; longer comments welcome, of course) in the comments section (and if your name is not evident, either post it there in the comments, or email me at and let me know that you are taking part). Also, if you want to contribute on someone else’s behalf, email me their name and phone number and let me know if you want them to know who you are or if you want to remain anonymous.

When we simultaneously hit $1,000 and exceed that amount at the same time, we’ll draw, make $1,000 payment to the winner’s account and start the clock running on the next $1000.  Whoever (whomever?) makes the donation that puts us over $1000 will have their name entered 1x/dollar in both drawings.

All other details will be figured out as we go and with The Dollar Endeavor community involvement.
To share a little monetary kindness go to our Give Forward page, or click the link below (because we’re having technical difficulties with the donate button):